Our Leaders


Seth Pinnock

Singer, songwriter Seth is an entrepreneur who leads the Chosen Inc group and is the founder of Symphony Co. He attends I Can Community Church in East London and is the Head of African and Caribbean Engagement at Tearfund. During his spare time (if he ever gets any) he enjoys going to gym, watching movies, traveling and socialising with friends over dinner.


Chimango Kankwamba

Chimango is our Operations Manager who keeps things running smoothly and in order. Warm, friendly and full of laughs, Chimango is passionate about seeing people become the best versions of themselves and be unapologetic in who they are – flaws and all. Her hobbies include travelling, makeup, writing, photography, home decor and good food. Outside of Symphony she is working on writing her first book and launching her YouTube channel.


Tyrone Chambers

Tyrone is the Executive Assistant to Seth who is all about getting things done and doing the rounds to ensure things are in order, whether assisting in guest relations, events and more. Aside from that, he’s a sports writer, aspiring Project Manager & businessman, musician (drums) and lover of music.


Meena Mattu

Meena is our Communications and Social Media Manager. Creative and passionate about connecting with others, Meena enjoys writing, and all things art and design. In her spare time she loves learning about health and wellbeing, spending time with her friends (ideally with food in the mix), and being out in nature.


Amii Evelyn Bonner

Amii is our Governance Manager, who takes care of all the official non-profit handlings behind the scenes. Hardworking and friendly, Amii is passionate about Prayer and Youth Mission at her local church, as well as encouraging young people to grow, develop and find their love for Christ. Amii also loves Photography and on her days off you’ll probably find her playing a game of hockey.


Kevin Lai

Kevin is our incredible in-house designer, hailing all the way from Malaysia. Believing “the world would be so boring without films and design”, Kevin has a passion for film production and innovative Graphic Design. When he isn’t busy creating, you’ll find Kevin hiking or doing anything that brings him into nature.

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Our Trustees

These are the people who make sure everything is running as it should be here at Symphony Co. Making all important decisions and using their wisdom to push us in the right direction. Details of our trustees are available on request.

Our Partners

Organisations that undergird our efforts. We are extremely grateful for the support and partnership of the many organisations that further our efforts.