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Symphony Co is a UK based Charity that seeks to build platforms and create spaces so that together we can do more to better serve the community, culture and the church.  Our presence intends to be a bridge that connects these elements.

Personal message from the founder – 10 years ago, When I was just 17. A couple of friends and I stood for hours at the end of our local supermarkets tills, packing customer’s shopping, hoping they would spare us some change, so that we could fund our first event. A vision called Midnight Oil. Little did we know that in just a few years, we would see thousands of people gather of different ages, cultures and backgrounds to unite, worship and be empowered. It’s been an amazing journey watching our team grow from 13 friends to 300 volunteers. The event fast became a movement and its impact was spread nationwide.

Over the last 10 years we’ve hosted gatherings for men and women, provided forums for the next generation of leaders and seen a passion for prayer and worship ignite on our tours across Europe. We’ve worked with some of the most talented youth in the country, starting businesses, bands, choirs, dance troupes and even an orchestra!  We’ve partnered with organisations from across the UK and abroad serving the least and the lost, seeing thousands make the decision to follow Jesus, and hearing countless stories of restoration and healing.

We believe the best is yet to come. All you have to do is look around, we are sure you’ll agree…

more in the community!

We want to run after school clubs for inner city youth providing free extra tuition in line with the national curriculum. We believe that the great education these students receive today, will enable them to become the answers to society’s problems tomorrow

more in the culture!

We want to equip the gifted and discover the dreamers in our towns and cities helping them to live on purpose. From artists to entrepreneurs, we hope to raise a diverse mix of seasoned and emerging leaders who will change the world one life at a time.

more in the church!

We want to champion the cause of the local church, bringing us all together so that we can shine brighter than would ever be possible scattered. From music festivals to prayer gatherings our vision is to reach everyone we can with the transformative message of the gospel and encourage every believer to be all that God has called them to be.

Annual Report

All we’ve done and all we are… end of year review.

Our Story


The founder, Seth Pinnock  had a vision to create a space for people to encounter God’s presence and live out God’s purpose for their lives – he wrote the vision down and named it Midnight Oil.


100’s of youth from across the inner city area attended Seth’s first community centered evangelical event Midnight Cry and Seth formed ‘See & Be Transformation Services’ with a handful of friends (now known as Gods Bride Ministries.)


July 6 – 7 2007, God’s Bride Ministries hosted the first ever Midnight Oil Summit at the Bethel Convention Centre in Birmingham. Over 500 young  people attended from across the UK, dozens of churches were represented.


Midnight Oil Summit, held at Birmingham Christian Centre became an annual event, providing a platform for seasoned and emerging gifts. In this year Midnight Oil brought artists and speakers from across the UK to Birmingham for the first time. Symphony Co was later formed with the aim to educate , empower and equip people coming from all different cultures and backgrounds through its far reaching events and initiative.


Midnight Oil Summit experienced a major breakthrough in attendance as  with over 1000 young people attended in this year and hundreds became Christians. Church leaders from across the uk attending including a surprise visit from Bishop John Francis. In this same year, Seth formed his gospel worship group ‘ A New Thing’.


The KingdomBOY! clothing line was launched and Midnight Oil gave birth to ‘spin off’ events such as its first Men’s Conference, ‘A.MEN’ as well as its first Women’s Conference, ‘WOVEN’,  which took place in the winter and spring of that year.

Both of these gender specific gatherings seeks to serve all who attended by tackling issues pertaining to destinies and decisions in a real interactive and innovative way.


Midnight Oil Summit celebrated its 5th Birthday back where it first began, at the Bethel Convention Centre in Birmingham. Over 2,000 delegates  attended Midnight Oil Summit and the event gained international attention from Canada, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Norway. The team grew to over 300 volunteers from across 130 churches across the UK. In December, we launched ‘Christmas Kitchen’ which saw young Christians from the inner city of Birmingham serving the homeless.


‘’A.MEN’ and ‘WOVEN’ became  recurring event in Symphony’s calendar. Midnight Oil continued to see thousands of lives changed at its yearly summit, and launch a summer ‘Help & Hope fair’ which encouraged a generation to sign up to ‘cease their day’ by  entrepreneurial agencies, charities, colleges and missional networks, apprenticeships and universities


Our quarterly prayer and worship mornings ‘Prayer+’ was launched in January. To celebrate 7 years of Midnight Oil, 7 events were held across 3 venues in Birmingham’s city centre over 3 days, culminating in Seth’s first live album recording. In September, Seth launched the Project 8 Campaign.


The New Year Prayer Week, ‘Headstart’ was launched in January. This was followed by the final Midnight Oil Summit hosted in partnership with world renowned Evangelist, Morris Cerullo – over 5,000 people were in attendance .

In November,  ‘A New Thing’ made history! Their Album ‘Midnight Oil – Live in Worship landed in the top 10 of  the Official UK Christian Music Charts debuting at no. 5, The first gospel group in the UK to do so, ever!


Midnight Cry Tour was launched visiting 30 venues in 5 Countries, over,24 weeks, through,17 cities, reaching over 4,000 people!

In this same year, we partnered with a local homeless charity in Birmingham. Seth spent a week sleeping on the streets raising funds and awareness for the cause.


Midnight Cry Tour was launched visiting 30 venues in 5 Countries, over,24 weeks, through,17 cities, reaching over 4,000 people!

In this same year, we partnered with a local homeless charity in Birmingham. Seth spent a week sleeping on the streets raising funds and awareness for the cause.


Symphony Consort became a registered UK charity. The team paused all activities for the year in hopes to re-vision, re-invent and re-new all that they are in order to become all that they can be.


2017 marked 10 years of vision for Symphony Co, to celebrate this, Seth and a New Thing recorded its second live worship album in Birmingham, and the dream for the next 10 years was launched , a drive to build platforms and creates spaces so that together we can better serve the community, the culture and the church.


The Symphony Co ministry expanded and moved to the new office in London.


The Release of the sophomore album ‘A New Thing Live’ featuring UK legend Nicky Brown, Becca Folkes, Israel J. Allen and Lucy Grimble.


After some setbacks to plans amidst a year nobody was expecting and global pandemic, we took an opportunity to regroup, launching a fundraiser and building a team for ‘Symphony Schools’ – our free, extra GCSE tuition for gifted, Black boys.

In this same year we released ‘The Instrumentals – Live’, an instrumental soundtrack to ‘A New Thing Live’ on Symphony Records.


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